Let us help you build a better classroom.


Create classes to share updates with who you want. When you create a class, you will be given a class code that you can share with your students, parents, admins, and other teachers.

Startclass gives you power. Manage who is allowed in your classroom, add and remove members, and control who can share updates to your classroom feed.

Share photos, videos, and PDFs with your class. Examples could be permission slips, study guides, tutorials, assignments, and everything in between.


Connect with your directors, department heads, parents, students, and admins. Creating a group is just like creating a class.

Groups allow anyone to post. This makes groups great for collaboration and open communication.

Share whatever you need in groups — photos, documents, videos and also create as many groups as you need.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use my school email to create an account?

Yes. By using your school email, we are able to auto-associate you to your school, district, or university. If you don't use your school email you may be left out of school updates.

I also have admin responsibilities, should I sign up as an admin?

If your primary role is Admin related (e.g. Head of School, Department Chairperson, Director of IT) you should sign up as an admin and create classes with that account. However, you can also create a second account inside of Startclass which you could use as your admin account.

I tried to make a class and was told my school has reached its limit?

This means that it's time for your school to upgrade its plan. Please reach out to our customer support team so we can contact your school about upgrading - we would never expect the instructors to pay the premium.

I teach at multiple schools, what do I do?

With Startclass you can create and manage multiple accounts. If you use a different email, then use that email to create your new account so we can associate you with the correct school.

How do I create a class?

Click the menu icon in the top left corner. If you are in your school feed, click "My Feed" to return to your content. Click the three dots next to "Classes" and from there a menu will appear with the option to create a class.

How do I manage who can post in my class?

Inside your class, click on the settings icon and then select who you would like to be able to post in your classes. Changes take effect immediately.